13 February 2013

Well, my plans changed a little this week.  I haven’t received some of the supplies that I need to mount the 2 green-winged teal for Dillon E., so I will be mounting them next week.  So, I took this time to start altering a coyote form.  This form was originally in a straight walking pose with its neck straight out and its head low to the ground.  To get the desired pose, I removed a 6 inch wide section in the middle of he form and put a hard left hand bend in the body and then poured foam to fill in the gap.  Then I remove the neck and repositioned it and then filled the gap with foam.  This mount is for a local archery shop and the owner wanted to recreate the moment that he harvested this coyote with his bow.  I hope to get this critter mounted in the next few weeks and will post pictures when I do!


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