Lifesize Mammals

These steps are for preparing mammals that are coyote size or smaller.  Larger mammals, to be mounted life-size, will be covered at the end of this section.

–  Do NOT skin or field dress the animal.  The taxidermist will skin the animal in the proper way depending on the species and desired pose.

–  Place the entire animal in a trash bag and remove as much air from the bag as possible.  After removing the air, zip-tie the end of the bag or tie the end of the bag in a knot.  Place the bagged animal into another trash bag and seal the bag as before.

–  Gently place the animal into the freezer without tearing holes in the bag.  Try to position the legs so that they are close to the body, as if the animal is curled up sleeping.  This will prevent claws from tearing open the bags.


Any animal larger than a coyote needs to be taken to the taxidermist as soon as possible.  Call the taxidermist to make arrangements for delivering your animal.


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