Life-size 520 lb Black Bear

This is the largest project I have taken on to date!  This 520 lb beast was much larger than any black bear form that I could find, so I had to use a grizzly bear form.  The form came in a pose that was walking uphill and looking off to the left.  My client wants the bear sitting down eating honey out of a large crock!  Needless to say, that a lot of form alterations were needed.  My first task was to widen and thicken the head of the mannequin to fit the size of the bear.  After that was completed, I started to reposition the body to get the desired sitting pose.  All four legs had to be removed and repositioned as well as changing the neck from looking left to looking right.  After 2 weeks, all of the alterations were completed and the huge beast was mounted.

photo 2photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 5

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