Caring for your trophy

Here are a few tips to keep your trophy looking great!

–  Avoid placing your mount near a heat source or where it will be in direct sunlight.  Heat can damage any mount and smoke from wood burning fireplaces can cause mounts to become dingy and yellow.  Mounts placed in direct sunlight can fade and loose some of their vibrant colors.

–  Avoid placing mounts in high humidity areas.  Mounts that are in moist environments are more likely to attract bugs that will eat feathers and cause hair to fall out.

–  Periodically (every month or two) use a feather duster to remove dust from your mount.  Dust can accumulate on your mount and work its way deep inside the feathers or hairs making the mount look dull and dirty.  If your mount has become overly dirty and you think that you may damage the mount by cleaning it yourself, contact your taxidermist and see if they would be willing to clean it for you.

Following these simple steps will keep your trophy looking beautiful!




Garrison’s Taxidermy Philosophy:  Honoring the memory of the hunt!

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