12 January 2013

Things were very productive and a little stressful in the shop this week.  On the productive side, after many long hours, I have 13 ducks that are ready to mount!  On the stressful side, I went to take some ducks out of my large freezer Wednesday evening and I noticed that everything was starting to thaw.  So that evening I scoured Craigslist to no avail.  Thursday morning, I decided to bite the bullet and go to Lowes and buy a new 20 cubic foot chest freezer.  Low and behold, they do not stock anything over 15 cubic feet.  That lead to me driving all over Southern Pines and Aberdeen stopping at every appliance center I could find, but none of them had a freezer big enough.  Well, to solve the problem I ended up buying 2 freezers!  Oh well, at least I noticed the freezer was out before I lost anything.  Now I will have a little peace of mind with 2 brand new freezers with extended warranties!  Well, back to business.  This week will be all duck mounts.  I will post pictures as I get them mounted, so check back throughout the week.

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